Sports & Activities Coverage

With TuGo, you can hike, zipline, bungee jump or even parasail over water and still be protected under our standard Emergency Medical Insurance or Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance.

Get coverage for extreme sports

And for you more daring types, all you need to take it to the extreme is to add our Sports & Activities Coverage to your Emergency Medical Insurance!

Sport/ActivityIs it covered?

Backcountry skiing/snowboarding

BASE  jumping


Downhill freestyle skiing/Snowboarding in organized competitions

Downhill mountain biking

Hang gliding/paragliding

High risk snowmobiling and motorized snow biking

High risk motorized speed activities, including:

  • Motorized racing competitions, endurance 

events or timed activities,  

  • Motocross, dirt biking, and motorcycling (unless vehicle is solely being used for transportation purposes) 

Ice climbing

Mixed martial arts

Mountaineering – 2 options:

  • Mountaineering up to 6,000 m elevation 
  • Mountaineering over 6,000 m elevation 
  • Includes ski mountaineering (skimo) and ice climbing if the activity is part of mountaineering 

Organized team sports** including: 

  • American and Canadian football  
  • Ice hockey  
  • Rugby

Parachuting/skydiving/tandem skydiving

Rock climbing (includes canyoneering, but doesn’t include indoor rock climbing)

Scuba diving or free diving over 40 metres

White water sports – Class VI

Wingsuit flying

*Coaches, referees, and sports officials do not need to purchase the optional Sports & Activities Coverage for these sports to be covered.
**Applicable to travellers 21 years and older (at the time of application).


Whatever you’re into, be sure that it’s covered. If it’s not listed above, we'll cover it under our standard Emergency Medical Insurance, unless it’s listed below as an excluded sport/activity:

Sport/ActivityIs it covered?

Barrel racing

Bronc riding

Bull riding

Chariot racing

Chuck wagon racing

Harness racing

Rodeo bareback riding

Rodeo clowning

Rodeo team roping

Steer wrestling/chute dogging

Trick riding

Participating, training or practicing in any areas that have been closed off to public access and/or can typically only be accessed by crossing a fenced, gated or roped-off area that has been marked as off limits according to recommendations of safety authorities in the area:

  • Backcountry skiing/snowboarding
  • Downhill freestyle skiing/snowboarding in organized competitions
  • High risk snowmobiling and motorized snow biking
  • Ice climbing
  • Mountaineering over 6,000 m elevation
  • Mountaineering up to 6,000 m elevation
  • Rock climbing

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